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Textil protect

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Hydrofobic tectile seats


Wide range of applications
3 years protection

With one set you can impregnate upholstery, seats - velor, carpeting and textile mats.
Even 3 years of effective and lasting protection

With a one liter package you can even make up 8m² of impregnation

Nano-Impregnants are part of the premium sector!


Hydrophobic protection

High level of fiber penetration

Owing to the use of NANOAUTO EASY TO CLEAN, the problem of time consuming and difficult cleaning will disappear.
Durable and effective protection against water and dirt
Nanoparticles cover all single fibers so that the material is more resistant to dirt

Product information:

Specially prepared impregnation for velour elements, artificial and natural upholstery materials. Thanks to the molecules, which create an invisible coating, several nanometres thick, around each single fibre, perfectly protects against staining or absorption of liquids, providing materials with hydrophobic properties. The nanolayer prevents the dried dirt from adhering to surfaces and does not cause stains, and wet dirt is not absorbed by fibres. Secures impregnated materials for 12 months (depending on material wear)


Spray Nanoauto heather protect thoroughly on a clean and dry surface
Next, with a clean and dry cloth or foil glove, spread the impregnation on the surface
Protect surfaces against contact with water for at least 2h after impregnation.